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Dig Deep and Get Weird! (A quick ramble)

Whoa. What a shit-show of a pandemic we are in, right? I went to the post office today and heard myself apologizing to the workers for being there. I had to ship four canvases out today and the measures that people were taking just to open the door. One of my pieces is four feet tall and I had three stacked on top of it. As I approached the door, I saw a lady on the other side rush to get it for me, stopped just before it, looked at me for a split second then slammed her foot into it like a post office lady-NINJA! I thanked her, and felt bad for it because she was probably less than two feet behind me when I opened my mouth. Sigh. This Corona!

SO, I had so many packages to ship because in a slight panic over losing my job (I know-I am not the only one in that boat! In fact, we have sunk the boat and are now wading through polluted waters with snorkel masks on.) I decided to have an ART SALE and sell all of my work, cheap. 24hours later I had earned $1100 and felt great about the whole decision. I love my work and if I REALLY love it, I know I price it a little too high-because I'm not ready to let it go, but this felt really good. Funny enough, the pieces that didn't sell are some of my favorites so I may ignore the whole idea of painting over any that remained. We will see.

Since then I have been approached twice about commissioned pieces, so that sinking boat doesn't seem too sunk right now. I have learned to take 'success' in waves and will use this upcoming "I suck-I'm not an artist-who was I kidding" time to focus on my writing. For real this time. I swear. Stop laughing.

Back to the shit show....I read somewhere that Gwyneth Peltrow said we should all learn a foreign language or write a book during this time. Well, thanks Gwyneth-but not all of us are in that head space just yet. What I think she was trying to say though, is that now is a time to get creative and find ways that you can express yourself. Yes, even your anger. When humans create, it comes from our soul. It allows our spirit to breathe! This means it is a great time to try something new or go back to an old hobby that you used to have. Being creative doesn't mean that you have to paint or write it just means that you find joy in expressing your soul and you come to an understanding about how detrimental that is for your spirit. Dance, Cook, Garden, Crochet, Scrap-book or even take out those stupid adult coloring books that we all have lying around somewhere. PLAY and IMAGINE and you will CREATE SOMETHING!

The world is scary and unpredictable and that's hard, but creative people live just a little louder. They are a little more free and they create an energy that is contagious-even through a mask and garbage bag suit. That type of energy might not save the world, but someone will see it-and follow suit-and touch another human-and so on and so on. Ya know what, fuck what I said earlier-that energy WILL save the world. Just not in the way we humans can see right now. The job loss is incomprehensible right now, but we are not here to pay our bills and then die. Dig deep, find the whispers of your soul and get creative.

"For we are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of Dreams."

-Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Hang in there homies!


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