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Tend to your relationship with LIFE!

Yesterday evening I received my long awaited new Tarot deck; The Weaver Tarot by Threads of Fate. As with any new deck, I laid each card out, said hello, took in the imagery and then saged front and back before picking them up again, one by one and shuffling.

When I was finished, I fanned them out in my hands, still just enjoying the beauty of the deck and curious about the energy they will awaken when used. One card in the entire deck was facing me, so, like any reader-I pulled it out and set it aside.

I don’t like to read the first night with new cards. After cleansing and holding for awhile, I place them on my bedside table to acclimate to the energy of my home as well as me.

So, this morning I set that “jumper” card (Although this was more like a shy “peeker” rather than a “jumper”) at the top of my cloth and chose three more cards to help me understand the message it wished to bring.

For the sake of your time, I’m going to type the notes I took on my reading. I used the guide card and booklet from the deck on this reading as I am still diving in to learning the traditional meanings and definitions of the cards individually.

  1. “The Jumper”, Seeker of Cups

Seeker-Youth, Play, Freshness

Cups-Water, Emotional Realm, Intuition, Healing

An invitation to explore, be curious and creative. Be open to anything new. Understand or realize my relationship to LIFE and tend to it!

2. “The what”, Seeker of Coins

(beneath the top card, the reason I’m called to action with the first card)

Seeker-Youth, Play, Freshness

Coins-Earth, physical Realm, Career, money, ego, foundations, etc.

New Beginnings=Great news! There’s an internal shift coming to help me manifest things into the physical realm. FIND ALIGNMENT with my inner world for all things abundance on the outer world. Continue to show up and work diligently!

3. “The How” , Wheel of Fortune, reversed

(What must I leave behind or what has left in order for this to be the time)

Wings-Swift movement, innocence, young energy

Snakes-Intentional movement, focus, dominance

Cycles-Good Fortune, Universal Force

It’s time to let go of being a victim or claiming innocence in how I struggle or acclimate to change. I need to or have begun to notice my role in how things have played out. I

am being called to find acceptance and move on from those habits.

4. “The Why”, Four of Swords

(What may come if I listen to this guidance and hold true to this path)

4’s-Security, Manifestation

Swords-Mental realm, air, change, bravery and power

Bones-Physical body, grounding, feeling, Earth

Rest. Stillness and dare I say, contentment. I’m being told that if I work hard at letting go of the conditioning I have used as excuses and a crutch, I will get to the place I want to be-spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Doesn’t that sound perfect? Well-if you knew where my head was these last couple of months…always angry with myself because I wasn’t able to go to College-I was out on my own at 17, trying to find HOME and safety. I chose a life of marriage and mortgages before my own career or future plans. I wanted to be a mom, so I became one…but I rested on that ‘job’ for fifteen years now. I’ve hated “jobs” because they don’t fulfill me creatively or spiritually so I never fully invest in potential success. I fear a career in the arts or in my writing because what if that kills my passion for it? So, I’m 41 years old and wondering what the hell the Universe wants me to do. I wonder how to do it quickly to be able to pay my bills…but all the while, under this quarantine pandemic mess-I just want to wander around my back yard barefoot and meeting all of the spirits and beings out there. I want what I once had; a true connection to my inner world and everything around me. I saw life in all things-even the dark bits and I felt my power flow through my veins-life was beautiful and kind and so meaningful. It can be that way again…it IS that way now, I just have to stop thinking and stressing so much, stop worrying about the past and what I DIDN’T do…and be here now. Listening, Learning and TENDING TO MY RELATIONSHIP WITH LIFE!


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