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SO, I'm Nya-HELLO! I am a writer who loves to tell stories and an artist who loves to procrastinate finishing my work. I have a beautiful family that consists of my incredible wife, Jeanie who is a mobile software engineer and horticulture genius, a gorgeous little (6'+) fifteen year old boy named Hayden who challenges me and my patience in every possible way-thank goodness! AND two spoiled, head strong but very sweet boxer baby girls named Isabella Luna and Eira Stella.  We hike, kayak and would spend every night under the stars if we could...but absolutely know when the day demands movies and napping.  We dance down the hallway because it's the only way to properly transport yourself from one room to another. We love PIZZA although "We don't eat bread or cheese" and scary movies-the haunting and scifi thriller kind, not so much the cutting people up kind. 

I can't wait to travel to Thailand someday and work on the elephant sanctuaries, I can't wait to learn how to snowboard in Colorado and enjoy the required three day hot tub soak afterwards. I can't wait to open my own bookstore/coffee house/witchy homemade goods/local artist gallery store. (Ha!) AND I can't wait to actually begin doing all the growing my own food and canning for the winters and apocalypse planning that takes over my brain a lot lately.

Sigh. I really do have a lot to do. 

For now, Life is all about the second cup of coffee in the morning and the laughter inside my house. It's about finding new places and ideas.  It's about LIVING and finding new ways to do just that. 

Life gets crazy-even when it's going great and no matter how I have tried to deny it in the past...meditation and running are the only things that keep me centered and and can ground me back into acceptance and surrender. Painting is the only thing that clears my head when I'm just much too lazy to go on a run and it's the only thing that fills my cup so I can push through my writers block. Please join me as I get back to allowing myself time to do the things that feed my soul and nourish my spirit... hopefully I'll meet some super dope people along the way too!

I hope you enjoy my expressions and maybe find a little encouragement and inspiration too.  Take care of yourself, chew with your mouth CLOSED and don't run red lights!



P.S. TACOS!!! RIGHT?!?!  (That is all.) 


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