The Dark Collection

Why do we move through life, afraid of our dark side? Afraid to sink inside the shadows of the deepest crevices of our soul? There is where our secrets hide-weighing us down like stone and just beneath their promise of pain...sits the very seed of our strength. 

Every piece in The Dark Collection is a facet of a side of me or of those who are closest to me. Sides that are rarely seen by others, but bring courage, determination and perseverance for those moments when moving on seems like the most painful step of all. 


Below are my favorite pieces from my past collections. These are the pieces that I carried into my first year of showing and selling my work. 2019 has been an incredible year for me and I am grateful to everyone who liked, shared and purchased my artwork. 

Most of these pieces are sold, those available are noted. Quality art prints are available on some, please send a message to inquire. 


36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas, $799


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Art and Images, copyright T.S. House, 2019

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